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Mint Equine LLC , Dressage Training,Ocala, Morriston, FL
About Us

Deciding to make Ocala, Florida our permanent home in 2019, we are so happy to be based in this thriving horsey area. Our property is named after a beautiful place in Namibia that we love - "Onduruquea". We are excited to build up this property into our dream farm and very excited for the future here!


We utilize a rare combination of training skills, professional competition experience in Europe and the U.S., plus years of working in disadvantaged areas in Africa in less than perfect conditions. As a result we possess a unique perspective on training and care of the horse in general. We enjoy all aspects of training, working on mental happiness and constantly striving to achieve optimum mental and physical balance in all aspects of care and training.

Our main focus is Dressage, however we are often asked to train and help horses and riders from other disciplines, which we welcome. Any and all levels are welcomed and encouraged. We utilize Natural Horsemanship techniques as part of our training program.

We try to get Dressage back to its original beginnings, producing a more correct, obedient and beautiful horse, without sacrificing movement or happiness. 

Mint Equine, Dressage Training, Rehabilitation, Ocala, FL, Morriston
Dirk Hambloch teaching dressage, Williston, FL

Dirk J Hambloch

Splitting his time between Equine Osteo-therapy and Dressage training, Dirk uses one skill to help the other. After graduating university in Aachen, Germany with a Masters in Computer Science, he decided to devote his time to his real love - horses. 

He was given an excellent opportunity in his early twenties, at the stables of Grand Prix trainer Hartmut Schmidt, Pferdewirtschafts-meister (the highest level of training qualification in Germany) and former Assistant Trainer to the great Willi Schultheis. Dirk became Head Rider and stayed for another three years, riding up to twelve horses every day. 

​Following this, he successfully ran his own business in Germany, during which time he trained as an Equine Osteopath under Dr. Gentler Gliem, before moving to Namibia in 2006. Since then he has helped thousands of horses through his treatments, and cemented himself as one of Southern Africa's most renowned therapists. 

Dirk travels all over Europe, the U.S. and Southern Africa to treat horses of every type and discipline. He is a NAMEF dressage judge, and a strong advocate of improving standards of care for horses in Africa.

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