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Mint Equine LLC , Dressage Training,Ocala, Morriston, FL
Our Philosophies

Horses As Athletes

Horses are athletes and should be treated as such. Like us, our horses need support systems to help their recovery and to build stamina, but unlike us, they cannot tell us when their muscles are sore or they don't feel good. Therefore we must adjust to them and make every effort to ensure they are comfortable. Classical dressage should contribute to the horse's general health, fitness and well being, without the use of gadgets and force.

The primary goal for us is to improve the horse, not to win prizes and ribbons. If we put stress on the horse to perform and compete, regardless of whether he is 100% ready, we are doing him a great disservice. We make a treatment and/or training program which is highly adjustable according to how quickly or slowly the individual horse learns and reacts. It takes the time it takes, but we do not rush the process. Much greater rewards and success come if you give the horse the time he needs.

Holistic Balance

By using non invasive methods of treatment when and wherever possible, and involving the whole horse - mental, physical, diet and herd needs - we take into account every part of the horse's life, and how it is handled and ridden. Trainers must consider the horse as a whole being. Only then can we properly address the training and adjust accordingly, for each horse as an individual. 

We incorporate Osteo-therapy, massage therapy, ice therapy, kinetic bodywork, and fitness training, including trail riding, interval training and if suitable, jumping. In all these proceedings, we consult with the owner first, to see what we can all agree on. In some cases, where it is a short-term stay, we cannot adjust everything for obvious reasons. 


Quick Fixes & Tricks

We do not 'fix' problem horses with quick methods that do not last. Instead, we try to understand the very root of the problem and use our training skills, therapies and holistic treatments to put the horse on a better track to health and wellness and comfort.
We do not put ourselves, our clients or the horse in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation in an attempt to 'fix' or 'cure' him of his bad habits. We find out why there exist bad habits in the first place and then set about re-balancing and re-training, utilizing Natural Horsemanship methods and groundwork as part of our system.

Sometimes this can take a bit longer, however the rewards are much greater and longer lasting, for both the horse and for the owner/rider.

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