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Mint Equine LLC , Dressage Training,Ocala, Morriston, FL

Sales & Importation


We take select horses for producing and for sale. We have sold many horses in many countries all over the world, and we strive to find the perfect home / match for horse and owner. If you are selling a horse, we can market for you using the best channels, and present the horse for prospective clients.

​Most of our former clients who have purchased horses from us keep in touch, and we get regular updates on their progress, from all corners of the world.

Please email or call for a list of our current sales horses, or go to our Youtube page.

"I recently purchased an upper level schoolmaster from Samantha and the transaction could not have been a more positive experience. Samantha went out of her way to ensure the best for both my horse and I. Everything she told me prior to trying the horse was 100% accurate. Samantha was professional and courteous and I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a quality horse!"

 - Yarrow A Wilkins, Pennsylvania 

Finding a horse & importation

With our contacts all over America and Canada, we can find top quality horses for prospective clients spanning all budgets, who don't want to travel overseas. For those who are interested in horses from Europe, we have several excellent contacts who always have top quality horses available. We can conduct 'shopping trips' to anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Europe. (On occasion we can import horses from other overseas locations, but further arrangements must be made if these locations are outside Europe). 
If you are looking to purchase a horse in the U.S., we welcome you to check our YouTube page for videos of current horses we have for sale and check in with us with details of what you are looking for. Often we will know of a horse that might be suitable even before it goes on the market. 
​In the case of overseas imports, all horses are pre-selected, and each horse, if required, can come with a full set of x-rays and thorough vet check before beginning the exportation process. Working closely with our contacts ensures we get the best bloodlines and temperaments possible. 
​Usually these trips involve viewing several horses at a time, and we carefully line up suitable prospects in advance. It is helpful to us if you provide every possible detail of what you are looking for in your next horse - please call or send an email listing your requirements.
We will be glad to assist you through the whole process, including shipping arrangements, transport, and veterinary procedures such as quarantine and x-rays.

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